We hear that interested persons can sign the following letter before it is sent by going to the Main Street Eatery.

Concerned Residents of Quartzsite and the Quartzsite Fire District

United States Attorney
District of Arizona
Two Renaissance Square
40 N Central Ave, Suite 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4408

Special Agent-in-Charge
Yuma Field Office
775 E 39th St
Yuma, AZ 85364-8011

Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
Executive Tower
1700 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2812

Honorable Tom Horne
Attorney General of Arizona
1275 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926

Director Robert Halliday
Arizona Department of Public Safety
2102 W Encanto Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85009-2847

Dear Sirs and Mesdames:

We have remained silent for too long.  Our town has been overrun by miscreants, malcontents and “sovereign citizens” hell-bent on destruction.  We have reason to believe that they have exploited loopholes and outright violated state law to steal an election by influencing non-residents to vote in our local election and that they have engaged in an ongoing effort to intimidate the good and law-abiding citizens of the town of Quartzsite into avoiding any active participation in town government by creating repeated disturbances at town hall, the town police station and at town meetings and by engaging in aggressive behavior toward anyone with a view different from their own.

Things have escalated recently when this “outlaw faction” co-opted the town’s mayor and somehow got him to do their bidding by attempting to force the town to swear their leaders into office before the existing council could properly canvass the election and judge the qualifications of the council members-elect and mayor-elect as is the current council’s right and duty.  This has led to conduct that we have tolerated before but about which we can no longer remain silent.

1.    Civil Rights Violations

We have information and belief to suspect that Quartzsite Fire District Board Member John Prutch used his position as a member to influence Mayor Jose Lizarraga, a fire Captain whom Prutch, though his control of the Fire Board, has the ability to fire, to attempt to coerce the Town Council and the Town Administration into prematurely canvassing an election, foregoing the judgment of qualifications of those who were ostensibly elected and forcing the immediate cessation of terms of office of properly elected council members.  To accomplish this, we have information and belief that Lizarraga first attempted to bully Vice Mayor Cowell and Town Manager Taft into acquiescing to his demand that the canvass and swearing in of new officials be placed on the agenda without a draft resolution.  This bullying consisted of abrasive, abusive and untoward language directed at this female council member and female administrator which  Lizarraga is not known to direct toward male council members or staff.  In fact, we have information and belief that, when he addressed Town Attorney Brannan, who our information indicates was present during much of this brow-beating session, he toned down his commentary after Mr. Brannan did not retreat from his onslaught.  We also have information and belief that  Lizarraga “poked” Mr. Brannan when commenting about Brannan not having a draft ordinance, which  Lizarraga subsequently decided he didn’t want to present after it was created, ready the same day the  Lizarraga asked for it.  Our information and belief is that Mr. Brannan left the Town Manager’s office after this encounter.

Our information and belief indicates that  Lizarraga increased the tone of his invective during the period of time when Mr. Brannan had left the room.  We further have information and belief that Mr. Brannan took a seat further away from  Lizarraga in an apparent effort to avoid being physically contacted by  Lizarraga as the brow-beating continued.

We understand that after  Lizarraga concluded that he would not be getting his way, he left the room saying words to the effect that “after this morning I won’t have any friends.”  This preceded  Lizarraga wholly abandoning his duties as elected mayor and attempting to terminate a lawfully noticed and convened meeting of the Town Council.

We believe that this conduct, which we have information and belief is not an isolated event but rather is a continuation of the verbal abuse and belittling of female council and staff members, created a hostile work environment which infringed on the rights of the female council members and staff of the town of Quartzsite based on their gender.  Sex-based discrimination is intolerable to us.  We recognize that, as a firefighter, Lizarraga is part of a “boys will be boys” culture and may think that such conduct is acceptable because his firefighting subordinates accept it.  We suspect, however, that just as he chooses different words to try to influence other male council and staff members, he chooses to act differently around his male companions.

We are asking that you investigate Jose Lizarraga for violating the civil rights of the female council and staff of the town of Quartzsite.  We are also asking that you investigate Richard Oldham, Ed Foster, Mark Orgeron, Patricia Workman, John Prutch, Tony Carnevale, Jose Lizarraga, Jack Jones, Jennifer Jones, Douglas Gilford, Teri Gilford, Michael Roth and Dana Stadler for violating the civil rights of the citizens of Quartzsite to take part in municipal government by creating a hostile environment in council meetings, engaging in conduct intended to intimidate citizens with differing views – including verbally abusing and physically threatening residents, and for voter fraud through the intimidation of voters, the purchasing of votes for something of value and the encouragement of nonresidents to vote.

Additionally, we ask that you investigate the La Paz County Elections department whom we have information and belief permitted Teri Gilford to be part of the vote collection, collating and counting process even after being advised that Gilford posted a comment advising that those voting by mail need not be bona fide residents of the town and which we have information and belief has been unnecessarily and unreasonably been withholding the names of the voters at the May 15, 2012 election to delay an investigation into voter fraud until after the Council is statutorily required canvass of the vote on June 4, 2012; the La Paz County Attorney and La Paz County Sheriff, whom we have information and belief met with mayor-elect Ed Foster and may have conspired to, or have been solicited to, assist Foster in forcing the premature transfer of authority without a proper canvass or qualification proceeding.

2.    Assault

We have information and belief that Jose Lizarraga maliciously threatened and assaulted Town Attorney Martin Brannan and then made a false report against him with the intent to impede his ability to serve the town of Quartzsite.  On information and belief,  Lizarraga has a reputation as a person who “hates” lawyers and engineers, possibly because they have a command of skills which escape his grasp.  We have information and belief that  Lizarraga has stated this hatred publicly on multiple occasions and that, upon meeting Mr. Brannan in Ms. Taft’s office for the first time told Mr. Brannan that he (Lizarraga) didn’t like Mr. Brannan, but that was okay because he (Lizarraga) hated all lawyers.

We have information and belief that Lizarraga made no secret, following that initial meeting, that he considered Mr. Brannan anything other than an impediment to doing whatever he wanted as mayor.  Mr. Brannan serving as such an impediment apparently continued on the morning of May 22, 2012 when Mr. Brannan repeatedly defended Vice-Mayor Cowell and Ms. Taft from Lizarraga’s verbal abuse.

This appeared to continue after Lizarraga exceeded his authority and prematurely adjourned the May 22, 2012 council meeting when Lizarraga taunted Mr. Brannan by saying words to the effect, “what are you going to do Martin, arrest me?”  On information and belief, Mr. Brannan then left the council chambers to go to his office to research the illegality of Lizarraga’s actions and the Council’s options for proceeding.  As Mr. Brannan passed Lizarraga in the hallway, our information and belief is that Mr. Brannan said, “who the fuck do you think you are, Jose? You’re the mayor not a dictator,” at which time we believe that Lizarraga stepped into Mr. Brannan’s “personal space” causing Mr. Brannan to put his arm out to cease Lizarraga’s ingress.  We believe that this conduct was observed by Council Member Winslow.  We also believe that there is a video of the hallway where the incident took place that supports what we believe Mr. Winslow saw.

We believe that Lizarraga then falsely claimed to have been assaulted by Mr. Brannan and demanded that Quartzsite Police Sergeant Frausto and Quartzsite Police Chief Gilbert arrest Brannan for assault.  We understand that Lizarraga has since decided that there really was no assault and has said “the physical contact was not much and I told LPSO as much.”  If, as it would appear, Lizarraga now admits that he wasn’t assaulted, his statement to law enforcement that he was assaulted is a criminal act.  Further, if, as we believe Mr. Winslow observed, Lizarraga entered into Mr. Brannan’s “personal space” we believe that this is an assault.  Finally, Lizarraga’s claim that being asked “who the fuck [he] thought [he] was?” and being told that he is not a dictator constitutes a threat is ludicrous.  No reasonable person could ever find those statements, especially in light of Lizarraga’s attempt to dictate the actions of a majority of the Council (everyone except him) to be anything other than an inquiry that every member of the Council (and all of us) would like an answer to.

We are asking that you investigate Lizarraga for assault and for false reporting to law enforcement.  We also suspect that Lizarraga’s actions may constitute a crime of bias based on Mr. Brannan’s status as a service-connected disabled American veteran.

3.    Abuse of Power

Finally, we are asking that you investigate the Quartzsite Fire District Board.  On information and belief there has been conduct committed by that Board, including the use of Fire District property and personnel, to influence an election.

The Quartzsite Fire District Board consists of John Prutch and Tony Carnevale.  Prior to May 24, 2012, Larry Ekberg was also a member, but we have information and belief that he resigned in protest to the actions of Prutch and Carnevale.  John Prutch is a recent council candidate who is appealing his loss to the Arizona Court of Appeals.  He and Carnevale are purportedly supporters of Ed Foster, Patricia Workman and Mark Orgeron.  Shortly before May 15, 2012, we believe that Prutch used fire department property, reportedly a swamp cooler and a barbecue grill, to serve potential voters at a “rally” for Foster, Workman and Orgeron.  We further believe that Prutch used fire department personnel to transport the grill and cooler to and from the rally.  We also believe that Prutch has used this and other fire department equipment for his own personal purposes having no nexus to proper fire district business.  We suspect, but do not have substantial information that Carnevale was complicit in these actions.

We have additional information and belief that the fire district was scheduled to have a budget meeting on May 24, 2012 at 2:00 pm.  We believe Mr. Ekberg, who is currently away from Quartzsite drove a substantial distance to attend this meeting only to learn that Prutch and Carnevale, without having a public vote, cancelled the meeting in order to permit Lizarraga to appear at a hastily scheduled Town Council meeting intended to force a canvass of the election and swearing in of new officials against the will of a majority of the Common Council.  We have information and belief that when Mr. Ekberg directly confronted Prutch and Carnevale that they had cancelled the budget meeting without a vote for the purpose of forcing the town to name Ed Foster mayor, Prutch and Carnevale admitted that they had causing Mr. Ekberg to resign from the Board in disgust.

We also have information and belief that Mr. Ekberg was the primary stumbling block between firing current fire chief Kevin Hess and replacing him with Lizarraga.  If this information is accurate, it shows a pattern of abuse of authority which invites the attention of your agencies.  We respectfully request that such an investigation be conducted at the first opportunity.

We, the concerned citizens of Quartzsite, have stood by quietly long enough.  There are many who stand with but are reluctant to sign this letter in fear of retaliation.  Know that there are exponentially more concerned citizens who are unwilling to subject themselves to the wrath of those we ask you to investigate.

With respect and anticipation of your assistance,

Concerned Residents of Quartzsite and the Quartzsite Fire District


According to the Arizona Court of Appeals website, the score is now Town 3 Prutch 0. Prutch lost on venue, laches and now on the need for speed. But Jenny still has faith and she has been right about so many things. Tsk tsk.

ORDERED: Motion to Expedite Appeal Procedures (Appellant) = DENIED

Sick of the Lies Yet?

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The town is about to lose it’s insurance! Really, Jade, and you know this how? A little birdie told you? And how would the little birdie know?

Here’s what we know. A little birdie named Doug called the League of Cities and Towns asking whether the town was about to lose its insurance. Guess what he got? No answer. Only an idiot would think that the league would know that information and only an enormous idiot would think the league would share that information if the league had it.

Here’s what else we know, no insurance company will ever discuss the status of someone else’s policy even if the the someone else is a government. Insurance companies have a fiduciary duty to their clients and there is no way they are going to breach that duty and risk the hefty fines for disclosing any information about their insured.

What makes this statement even more obviously bullshit is that the town has yet to lose a lawsuit. Even the ones that Jade filed and which were summarily crapped on and tossed out like yesterday’s copy her her “newspaper.”

The Chief went to CRIT to get his old job back after Alex told him he was being fired but was going to be given time to find a new job so he could keep his certification. Really? And who told you this? Another birdie?

Here’s what we know. Nobody loses their certification as a police officer merely by being fired from a job.  This alone reveals this statement to be an outright lie.

But, what if it were true? If it’s true then there’s no longer any reason to elect the three horsemen of Quartzsite’s apocalypse. The chief is getting fired anyway, so what purpose will they serve?

The Quartzsite Liars Club never lied and they’ve passed polygraphs to prove it! Really? Another little birdie tell you this or was it one of the liars themselves?

Here’s what we know. Some, not all, of the Club found work.  This means that some of them were subject to a pre-employment polygraph. There is no reason that such a polygraph would ask specific questions about the unsigned whiny missive that they all concocted to be sent to AZPOST. So, the fact that some of them have apparently passed a pre-employment polygraph doesn’t mean shit. In fact, to pass they could just as easily have admitted that they filed the complaint against Gilbert and didn’t have the facts to back up their allegations.

Here’s what else we know. They all sued the town to prevent a polygraph which would have asked the relevant questions. So, whether they would have passed that polygraph we’ll never know.

Here’s what else we know. Not everyone who applied for a job passed the pre-employment polygraph.

Jerry has vowed to get all of them if he gets elected! Really? And who exactly is “them?” And how would he go about getting them?

Only one mayor in the past five years has considered himself Quartzsite’s dictator. Only one mayor in the past five years has claimed to be more important than the Council as a whole. Only one mayor in the past five years has tried to use his office to serve those who elected and fuck those who didn’t. It wasn’t Jerry. We had our turn with a clownish dictator in office. Let’s not make that mistake again.

If Teri Gilford’s word got out (we were shown a page capture from Facebook where she advises a nonresident that all she has to do to vote is vote absentee, no need to be a real resident), we don’t doubt that we will be looking at another dark time with Ed Foster running roughshod over the council meetings bellowing that they are his meetings subject to his rules, the Council be damned. Even if that happens, we’ll just be glad not to hear Jade’s grating voice repeating rumors that she likely made up as if they were fact.

We can’t remember who said it, but we overheard someone at lunch the other day say “the smartest thing to ever come out of Jade’s mouth is Richard Oldham’s cock.” We don’t know if that really ever happened, but if it did it would be the smartest thing any of us ever heard of escaping her gaping maw.

Just got off the dixie cup with our man huggy bear. Seems like head teacher, reputed giver of rides to impressionable minors, self-declared corrupter of Quartzsite youth and Town Council Candidate Mark Orgeron is ineligible to take office even if he manages to win at the polls. Town code and state law require that a candidate be a resident for a full year before taking office, but our man Orgeron was still a registered voter, and hence resident, of Yuma county until June 28, 2011. Liars, Tigers and Bears. Oh, my.

While the fiends of Ned Fraudster are chattering away on Facebook blaming everyone but whose responsible for former town manager and recipient of an illegal payoff by a prior council John Prutch not getting his day in court, no one is looking at who really appears to be at fault.  Before we critique the woeful legal representation Prutch had, we want to play a game we like to call Six Degrees of Richard Oldham.

Richard Oldham has been known to do work with Glenn Gimbut, currently the city attorney for San Luis.  Glenn Gimbut recently joined forces with Ellen Van Riper to prevent a woman from running for City Council in San Luis.

Richard Oldham also employs the firm of Schneider & Onofry.  Schneider & Onofry also represent the Quartzsite Liars Club and the former town clerk in their suits against the town.

John Prutch, formerly a friend of Oldham’s alleged number one enemy Rex Byrd, somehow winds up hiring Ellen Van Riper who, for reasons unfathomable, files an election contest of a local election in Maricopa County and gets it assigned to Judge Katherine Cooper who was a partner at Schneider & Onofry for seven years.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But ain’t it interesting how all roads seem to lead back to Richard Oldham.

When Van Riper originally filed Prutch’s case in Maricopa County and it got miraculously assigned to the former partner of Messrs Schneider and Onofry, we thought that she may be a genius.  Our assumption was that she was seeking a tactical advantage by having not only an attorney with ties to Richard Oldham but also a judge.  Apparently, the firm appearing along with Brannan for the town also got wind of the connection between Oldham and both Van Riper and Judge Cooper, because they quickly changed judges.

Other than trying to get some advantage by timing the complaint just right so as to ensure “random” assignment to Judge Cooper, we thought Van Riper might have a more practical reason for ignoring the fact that venue was only proper in La Paz County – she was pressed for time.  Van Riper only had five days to file an election contest.  She filed on the fifth day.  Her office is in Phoenix.  It makes sense that, being pressed for time, she would file the case in the wrong venue knowing that it would get transferred to the right venue and she would be able to argue that her complaint was filed in time.

Of course, after she doubled-down on the venue issue, it became apparent that there was nothing behind her filing the case in Maricopa County other than that she thought, incorrectly it turns out, that she could file the case there to the inconvenience of everyone involved except herself.  The fact is, it appears that Van Riper (or maybe she was just doing Prutch’s bidding) had opportunity after opportunity to speed things along but chose the slow road every time.

So, who is responsible for Prutch getting screwed out of his day in court? The blatherers who support Fraudster blame everyone but the people who could have done what was necessary to have the case heard in time.  The bagger? We think blame lies squarely on the poor decisions made by Van Riper and/or Prutch.

Final unofficial results of the March 13, 2012 Quartzsite Town election reveal that Ed Foster was not elected mayor as reported by local news agencies.  As the Bagger said earlier, the math in the Parker Pioneer story just didn’t add up and Foster wasn’t a clear winner as was being reported.

After all the ballots were counted, Foster was deemed to have received 320 votes, 49.84% of the 642 ballots cast for the office of mayor and 48.70% of 657 the ballots cast in the election overall.

Not yet clear is whether Mike Jewitt will face a runoff against John Prutch.  Although Jewitt received 52.08% of the 505 ballots cast in his race, he received only 40.03% of the 657 total ballots cast in the election overall.

Hey, JOHN GUTEKUNST, how does it feel to be scooped by a cow?  Guess he didn’t like it. Sorry for the dead link, folks, looks like the Pioneer took down that premature claim of victory for ol’ Ed right after the Bagger posted this.  Guess he didn’t want evidence of his inability to apply math and logic to information kept available in perpetuity.

The link has been changed to an archived version of the story Gutekunst got so woefully wrong.

Screwing the Prutch?

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The Bagger just got off the horn, or maybe it was a woodwind, with our favorite CI, Huggy Bear.  Huggy Bear said, and we paraphrase:

A long time ago just across town, current Council Candidate John Prutch was the Town Manager. After a majority of the council that hired him were replaced, he was fired at a meeting of dubious legality. So, Johnny boy, he sues the town for wrongful termination and holding an illegal meeting.  Johnny and the town lawyer up and heads come together.

Now, here’s where things get sticky.

The council gets with their mouthpiece to discuss a settlement, see, and they come to some sort of accommodation. How much did they pay Johnny? Well, that’s the sticky part. No one seems to know. After meeting with their mouthpiece,  the minutes of the council meeting say that the council voted to do what they agreed to do in secret. They never say what it was they agreed to do. Illegal, you betcha. Anything gonna be done about it? Hard to say. Huggy says he heard the town had made a formal complaint to the AG, but that’s all he knows. Making matters stickier, Huggy says Patty and Hugh are the only living souls who were involved in making the decision who can say what the council agreed to. He ain’t gonna ask ’em and neither are we. We’ll leave the investigation to non-bovines.

Things get weirder, though. Huggy overheard that the minutes to the executive session are missing. Nowhere to be found. Huggy also heard that the town’s insurance company didn’t pay out, so whatever was paid out came directly from the taxpayer’s pockets. Adding insult to injury, Huggy also heard that Prutch’s personnel files were all taken from town hall back when all these shenanigans were being pulled.

Is Huggy telling the truth? We think he heard what he says he heard. It will take a real journalist to ask for the records to see if they are really missing and an investigation by the AG or some other agency to know for sure whether what he heard was true or not. Don’t look at the bagger for real journalism. We’re just a cow.