Confirmation and Consternation

Posted: 29 May, 2012 in Uncategorized

We have confirmed that Sam the Sham Vederma’am was, in fact, at the Shell station hanging with Messrs. Foster and Oldham for Saturday date night. We guess she only doesn’t get involved in Quartzsite politics when it suits her own bottom line. We have also learned that less than 24 hours after meeting with Oldham and Foster, Vederma’am declined to bring charges of resisting arrest against Foster and Oldham supporters Dana Stadler and Michael Roth. It must be good to be king.

  1. sicboy181 says:

    Imagine that!!!

  2. I was reading something about Samantha on another website and it says he worked in the Yuma County Attorney office? It doesn’t show dates, but does anyone know when he worked there and did he have these same issues? Is there a pattern of corruption that this County never looked into before the last election? What say you?

  3. neversmores says:

    Wonder what it will take for Samantha to stop ignoring the QPD cases? Does every case need to have a “reasonable likelihood of conviction” for a prosecutor to take it to trial? Is that fair to the victims or the officers? Since one never can tell what a jury might do, shouldn’t Samantha lift up his skirts and take a case to trial once in a while?

    He’s obviously biased against the QPD officers, and he shouldn’t be the only authority with charging ability, perhaps letting his chief deputy or a grand jury decide what cases proceed would be a smart idea. But then smart thinking isn’t what Sammy is known best for, or thinking on his feet. I’m sure he does his best thinking on his knees worshiping his master.

    Just like Roth threatened, someone is going to get hurt. And I don’t know about you, but I will be laying A LOT of that blame at Ms. Vederma’am’s dainty high heeled wearing feet.

  4. citizen4qtz says:

    Some of the problems we’re having here are:

    1) Vederma’am only answers to Michael Roth since he only took ‘his’ word that “don’t worry your little head, Samantha, this is all about politics.” Ergo, he doesn’t doing any listening to the Town Attorney’s or Chief of Police’s detail records or videos.

    2) Vederma’am will not prosecute because HE thinks he cannot win, or won’t use actual evidence, and, ergo, has become the “judge and jury” without due process, which by the way, he is paid to do…

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