Screwing the Prutch Part Trois

Posted: 18 May, 2012 in Uncategorized

According to the Arizona Court of Appeals website, the score is now Town 3 Prutch 0. Prutch lost on venue, laches and now on the need for speed. But Jenny still has faith and she has been right about so many things. Tsk tsk.

ORDERED: Motion to Expedite Appeal Procedures (Appellant) = DENIED

  1. sicboy181 says:

    Beautiful!!!! Sure is funny that all these lawsuits are getting shot down but Fraudster’s group still festers with denial!!

    • They live in some alternate parallel universe where their perceptions of reality are accurate, we think. It’s sad, really. They may not even realize that they are being manipulated as pawns in someone else’s game and will be sacrificed readily if it serves their master’s purpose.

  2. khog says:

    Who is their master, bagger? Who is your master? That’s the real question we need the answer to!

  3. All-hail Master Bagger!!!

  4. citizen4qtz says:

    My, my, Prutch is spending some losing bucks on attorneys, but they can never match the BLM lands sales (we hear) he stole by not opening the sales to the public as he should have back when he was working for the Town… no wonder he was fired!

  5. desecrateus says:

    I saw a picture of Prutch’s hag of a lawyer, ewwww! I wouldn’t fuck her with someone else’s dick! Although I could see how she’d fit right in with the crew Prutch is surrounding himself with nowadays. Fraudster is a pathetic old drunken bum, Jenny is a dirty unshaven moo cow, Jack looks like a shriveled up catchers mitt (he’s so skinny! Do you think Jenny doesn’t share any of her haul from the food bank with him?), Workman is an old prune who’s missing a few (hundred) brain cells.

    I’d say that Prutch got exactly what he deserved when he chose this shrew.

  6. wolfcatcher says:

    Desert Freedom Press, I thought you carried the alias of Douche Bagger, wait, I think spineless Vederman already took that name on his Fakebook. I forget, oh well, oranges and oranges.

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