Sick of the Lies Yet?

Posted: 15 May, 2012 in Uncategorized

The town is about to lose it’s insurance! Really, Jade, and you know this how? A little birdie told you? And how would the little birdie know?

Here’s what we know. A little birdie named Doug called the League of Cities and Towns asking whether the town was about to lose its insurance. Guess what he got? No answer. Only an idiot would think that the league would know that information and only an enormous idiot would think the league would share that information if the league had it.

Here’s what else we know, no insurance company will ever discuss the status of someone else’s policy even if the the someone else is a government. Insurance companies have a fiduciary duty to their clients and there is no way they are going to breach that duty and risk the hefty fines for disclosing any information about their insured.

What makes this statement even more obviously bullshit is that the town has yet to lose a lawsuit. Even the ones that Jade filed and which were summarily crapped on and tossed out like yesterday’s copy her her “newspaper.”

The Chief went to CRIT to get his old job back after Alex told him he was being fired but was going to be given time to find a new job so he could keep his certification. Really? And who told you this? Another birdie?

Here’s what we know. Nobody loses their certification as a police officer merely by being fired from a job.  This alone reveals this statement to be an outright lie.

But, what if it were true? If it’s true then there’s no longer any reason to elect the three horsemen of Quartzsite’s apocalypse. The chief is getting fired anyway, so what purpose will they serve?

The Quartzsite Liars Club never lied and they’ve passed polygraphs to prove it! Really? Another little birdie tell you this or was it one of the liars themselves?

Here’s what we know. Some, not all, of the Club found work.  This means that some of them were subject to a pre-employment polygraph. There is no reason that such a polygraph would ask specific questions about the unsigned whiny missive that they all concocted to be sent to AZPOST. So, the fact that some of them have apparently passed a pre-employment polygraph doesn’t mean shit. In fact, to pass they could just as easily have admitted that they filed the complaint against Gilbert and didn’t have the facts to back up their allegations.

Here’s what else we know. They all sued the town to prevent a polygraph which would have asked the relevant questions. So, whether they would have passed that polygraph we’ll never know.

Here’s what else we know. Not everyone who applied for a job passed the pre-employment polygraph.

Jerry has vowed to get all of them if he gets elected! Really? And who exactly is “them?” And how would he go about getting them?

Only one mayor in the past five years has considered himself Quartzsite’s dictator. Only one mayor in the past five years has claimed to be more important than the Council as a whole. Only one mayor in the past five years has tried to use his office to serve those who elected and fuck those who didn’t. It wasn’t Jerry. We had our turn with a clownish dictator in office. Let’s not make that mistake again.

If Teri Gilford’s word got out (we were shown a page capture from Facebook where she advises a nonresident that all she has to do to vote is vote absentee, no need to be a real resident), we don’t doubt that we will be looking at another dark time with Ed Foster running roughshod over the council meetings bellowing that they are his meetings subject to his rules, the Council be damned. Even if that happens, we’ll just be glad not to hear Jade’s grating voice repeating rumors that she likely made up as if they were fact.

We can’t remember who said it, but we overheard someone at lunch the other day say “the smartest thing to ever come out of Jade’s mouth is Richard Oldham’s cock.” We don’t know if that really ever happened, but if it did it would be the smartest thing any of us ever heard of escaping her gaping maw.

  1. shajajuka says:

    I like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She continues to confirm the liar that she is….you would think even she would get tired of herself like the rest of us have!!!

  2. klueless1 says:

    Do you have a pre-election handicap for us. And don’t sandbag us, bagger.

    • If we were a betting bovine we would bet that this election is too close to call. It well could be that the kingfisher has bought himself a seat back at the table and will be able to bend Quartzsite over like it’s 1989. If that’s the case, look for the town to cede the water/sewer treatment facilities over to him (hey, isn’t that what got his ass tossed as mayor in the first place) and for the mayor to be given a day job making sure that all water/sewer users in the area hold their ankles firmly while the kingfisher gives them what they have coming.

      We remain under the belief that Orgeron, despite his knowledge of Louisiana politics (where another great kingfisher ran the roost), is not qualified to take office given that he was, less than a year ago, a registered and qualified voter in Yuma County. So, even if he gets the votes, we think that either the Council will decline to find him qualified or a voter will challenge his qualifications and the Court will decline to find him qualified. Then there is the question of whether he likes being the head teacher (dirty knees?) in Quartzsite more than he likes the measly stipend being a council member pays and will decline the seat even if he wins so that he doesn’t have to commute to Ehrenberg every day. (How’s he gonna teach and be in council every second and fourth Tuesday between 9 and 10?)

      Further muddying the water is the town code provision that prohibits seating anyone having a debt to the town. The Fraudster filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of the recall petitions filed against him and then failed to show up in court to defend it. Then, after lying to the judge about his income in an effort to try to avoid having to post an appeal bond, he was ordered to pay the town’s legal fees. Although we hear the town raided his bank account a couple of times, he still owes the town for its legal costs related to his frivolous suit.

      So, even if all three of Oldham’s puppets win at the polls, it’s quite possible that “Broke My Knee at Wounded Heart” Patty (who confessed to, at a minimum, aiding her former employer in renting out RV slots that had already been paid for by someone else) Workman will be the only one who hobbles to a seat on the Council.

      And then there will be the investigation into the votes, especially the absentee votes. Now that election volunteer and supporter of Ed Foster Teri Gilford has spilled the beans about non-residents casting mail-in ballots, we’re sure that someone will be checking to see whether all the mail-in ballots are cast by residents – people who have a presence in the town and an intent to remain – and not just people who cast mail-in ballots because, “shucks, you don’t have to be a resident.”

      Bottom line, we predict that should Foster, Orgeron and Workman get the most votes, they still may not win the election.

  3. sicboy181 says:

    Well said all the way around!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE Fraudster does not get elected and the town can FINALLY move on!!!!! Jade the rotten egg is a lost puppy looking for who knows what (hopefully a shower)!!!

  4. You are wrong about a couple things here bagger. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you just don’t know, and are not willfully withholding information to make your point. While he would not lose it right away, the Chief would lose his certification after being fired if he did not find another job in law enforcement after 3 years. It would be easier to find another job while still employed, rather than after being fired. So allowing him to find another job before getting fired would prevent the possible lapse in certification for being unable to find a job after getting canned.

    Second, the Quartzsite Officers WOULD have to answer questions about this in a pre-employment polygraph. Whenever an officer comes from another agency, ESPECIALLY after being terminated, they are asked specific questions about misconduct at the previous agency. So the polygraph examiner (who would be from a private company, not anyone from the hiring agency) would ask them specifics about any previous misconduct at the agency they were fired from. If any of them lied in their complaints, they would have been asked about it in the exam. If any of them didn’t pass, it could have something to do with the Quartzsite fiasco, or it could be completely unrelated. No way to know without actually seeing the Polygraph results.

    Lastly, I don’t recall ever seeing Jade say the town was losing its insurance. In all the facebook posts she said the Insurance company was demanding the Chief be fired before they could settle the QPOA’s lawsuits. HOW she would get that information a big question (although the same could be said about your info source.) I never saw any mention from her that the town was LOSING the insurance. If you have a source, feel free to cite it and show I’m wrong about that.

    I’m not taking sides, you have called out plenty of bullshit from their side of this mess. But in these particular instances, you are either misinformed or willfully withholding information.

    • 1 – So you think the town would give Jeff 3 years to find a job before firing him? That would be required to make Jade’s radio ad make sense. Even if we did know that you only have three years to find a job, it makes the claim in Jade’s radio ad no less stupid.

      2 – There is no reason a pre-employment polygraph would ask about specifics regarding the investigation leading to the firing of an officer. The people who know polygraphs that we know say that this is why pre-employment polys are so easy to beat. They ask too many questions and too many of the questions are overly general to be of much real value. We are also told by those who say they know that the officers could actually show deception when asked if they ever lied in a complaint and weasel out by merely saying that they were concerned because they made a complaint they believed at the time to be true but it turned out that the facts didn’t actually support their charge. We are told they could also beat the poly by convincing themselves that they weren’t responsible for the unsigned complaint but just for the specific allegations they made or that, the facts notwithstanding, their complaint was righteous. The more time that passes between and event and the poly, the easier it is for the subject to reconstruct the “truth” in their minds. Because these officers sued to prevent a polygraph at the time, they’ve all had the better part of a year to reconstruct the truth. As George Costanza told Jerry Seinfeld when Jerry wanted to beat a polygraph, “if you believe it, it’s not a lie.”

      3 – Apparently we didn’t make it clear in our post, our post was in response to claims, including that the town was losing its insurance coverage, that Jade made on a radio ad encouraging people to vote for Foster, Workman and Orgeron.

      Although you say you don’t care, thanks for caring enough to let us flesh out a few things.

  5. sicboy181 says:

    Bagger, do you happen to know what State Statute states that? I’m having a hard time finding it..

  6. sicboy181 says:

    About the one year resident requirement to be eligible to take office.

    • 9-232. Council; qualifications of members; oath; selection of mayor
      A. A person shall not be a member of a city or town council unless, at the time of the election, the person is eighteen years old, is a qualified elector residing within the city or town at the time of the election, and has resided in the city or town for one year next preceding the election, or if an area has been annexed to the city or town for a period of less than one year next preceding the election has resided in such area for one year next preceding the election. If an annexed area is subject to the provisions of this subsection, a person may meet the residency requirements if he has resided within the existing limits of the city or town for the one year period.
      B. Every member of the council shall hold the office for the term of two years, except the members of the council first appointed, and before entering upon the duties of the office, the member shall take and subscribe the oath of office.
      C. The common council shall assemble within twenty days after their appointment or election, and choose a mayor from among their number.

  7. sicboy181 says:

    Thanks!! So, hopefully this will stand!!!! His argument is BS, I own land in Texas does that allow me to vote there? Please tell me there’s hope!!!

  8. klueless1 says:

    What was going on at town hall this afternoon?

    • Don’t know. If it was something important, I’m sure Huggy will spill it before long.

    • thedesertfreedompress says:

      Maybe Alex and Al were cleaning out their desks!

      • Yeah, that’s what we heard the week before and the week before that and the week before that. Anything new Jenny or are you stuck in a rut? Speaking of cleaning, ever consider a shower? You stink. I bet Jerry would sell you one at a discount just to rid the town of some flies.

    • Here’s what we learned: remember to Community Center that Jenny said the town had lost the grant for? Yeah, the bids to build that Community Center were being opened. So, once again, Jenny was full of shit. Explains the smell.

  9. khog says:

    Well, Foster, Orgeron, and Workman have won the election, and you LOST! Chalk up another win for the good guys. Too bad for the for the Town Manager and Town Attorney! Ha ha ha!

    • If by we, you mean Quartzsite, yeah, if the election wasn’t fraudulent, Quartzsite lost by getting the government it deserves. Still only three of seven, if they all three are qualified after the canvass, so who knows what the future holds for anyone.

  10. sicboy181 says:

    I heard a rumor that Fraudster thinks he’s the mayor before he’s even sworn in and is ordering employees to chauffeur his girlfriend around.. God help us please!!!!!

    • Hadn’t heard that, but wouldn’t be surprised if its true. Fraudster tried to force the town to do all kinds of special things for him before, why would things be different this time? We do think its funny that he seems to think that he’ll be sworn in on the 22nd. Although not impossible, we suppose, we doubt that the canvass will be complete by then. The existing council has 20 days to complete the canvass and the right and obligation to determine the qualifications of the candidates receiving the most votes. Considering that Fraudster tried to imply that Lukkasson wasn’t qualified because he allegedly owed the town money, wouldn’t it be ironic if Fraudster was determined unqualified because he actually owes the town money?

  11. sicboy181 says:

    I actually forgot about Fraudster’s accusation!!!!! Pretty Ironic isn’t it!!!!!

  12. thedesertfreedompress says:

    Here’s what we know. Marty the biotch may be about to lose his license to practice law. So many legitimate complaints stacking up…Too bad, so sad, but is he stupid enough to suggest contesting the outcome of the election? Especially after arguing that; “Challenges concerning alleged procedural violations of the election process must be brought prior to the actual election. Sherman v. City of Tempe, 202Ariz. 339, 342, ¶ 9, 45 P.3d 336, 339 (2002); citing Tilson v. Mofford, 153 Ariz. 468, 470, 737 P.2d 1367, 1369 (1987) (holding that “[p]rocedures leading up to an election cannot be questioned after the people have voted, but … must be challenged before the election is held”)(citing Kerby v. Griffin, 48Ariz. 434, 444-46, 62 P.2d 1131, 1135-36 (1936)).” – Response to Motion to Expedite, in the action brought against the Town and Mike Jewitt by Ellen Van Riper, attorney for Candidate John Prutch

    • thedesertfreedompress says:

      So ironic, Alanis Morissette could write a song about it!

    • Jenny, we thought there was the fetid stench of failure nearby! We don’t know what Marty will do. We do know that he hasn’t lost to Prutch or his pitiful excuse for legal counsel yet.

      • desecrateus says:

        Well said, Bagger. Jenny (from the pigsty, not the block) is pretending to be a lawyer again, someone should inform the State Bar so they can impose some sanctions against her underprivileged ass! Although how they could collect money from someone who has NOTHING is beyond me. Can the Bar actually do anything to her? I heard about a letter they sent her telling her to stop trying to be a lawyer and stick to what she knows best! Which as of this point in time, we can’t figure out what that is.

        Maybe she can get another 1000 bucks from Norby and give it to the Bar rather than buying signs for campaigns, at least that’s what’s being said that she used 1000 bucks Norby gave her to buy signs to publish her rag instead. If that’s true, Norby got fucked twice in that deal, first by supporting Fraudster and crew (1st fucking) and then by having Jenny steal his money to produce kitty litter and parakeet cage liner (fucking number 2).

        I tell you what would be nice, if Norby goes public and they throw her ass in jail. They still force the inmates to shower, right?

      • We’re not sure that a shower will take her. The water might just evaporate before touching her stank.

        As for what she does best? We aren’t sure either, but witty comebacks ain’t it.

    • Our legal expert just got back to us. She said to refer to the case of Apples versus Oranges. We’re not sure what that means.

  13. khog says:

    I can’t wait to see Marty disbarred, and Alex Taft and Al Johnson fired! True justice and freedom in Quartzsite is in sight now!

    • Oh, Piglet, have you been sucking the Koolaid out of Jenny’s wang again?

      • khog says:

        Bagger, your insults mean nothing! You know that what you stand for is absolutely wicked and evil! Truth and justice will prevail over wickedness, and you will lose!

      • Your pals better hope that truth and justice don’t prevail. They’ll wind up poor ass losers washing dogs so they can supplement the scraps they get from the food bank. Oh, wait, that would be an improvement for them.

  14. khog says:

    Bagger, I know you think you that you are a funny comedian, but no one is laughing! You don’t know the meaning of truth and justice! You use the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper, just like Obama does! The Constitution is the highest law of the land under God, and you and your pals need to respect it as such!

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