Rumor Mill Part Carpetbagger

Posted: 3 May, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just got off the dixie cup with our man huggy bear. Seems like head teacher, reputed giver of rides to impressionable minors, self-declared corrupter of Quartzsite youth and Town Council Candidate Mark Orgeron is ineligible to take office even if he manages to win at the polls. Town code and state law require that a candidate be a resident for a full year before taking office, but our man Orgeron was still a registered voter, and hence resident, of Yuma county until June 28, 2011. Liars, Tigers and Bears. Oh, my.

  1. citizen4qtz says:

    …and where’s the ‘missus’? She’s not registered as a voter here at all… 2 homesteads? Or, is the one in Yuma the homestead and way far away (phew, 80 miles) here in Quartzsite is their vacation home? Oooooooh, the story builds. Talk about making one’s bed (but where?).

  2. desecrateus says:

    That’s probably why Roth and Stadler were so eager to get arrested, to take the spotlight of Orgeron. Not that there is any kind of repercussion for their actions, ol Samantha Vederma’am will give them both “get out of prosecution free” cards.

    Mark is bragging about the fact he’s from Louisiana and is VERY familiar with questionable politics and corruption (personal knowledge???) could you share the Town code number or state law that says a candidate needs to be registered here for a year?

    • It doesn’t help when “volunteer” election worker Teri Gilford is advising nonresidents that they can vote in Quartzsite by just casting an early ballot. No wonder Ed did so well in early balloting in the primary. He’ll probably do even better now that she’s soliciting illegal votes online.

  3. wolfcatcher says:

    Isn’t Flame Roth’s or Stadler’s pubic defender? Is that why Samantha won’t prosecute Roth and Stadler because of his relationship with Flame? Two men get arrest while on probation and they both get released? Seem to be some “behind” the scenes action taking place. This is all purely speculation but I want answers.

    • We tend to think that Samantha’s alleged ties to local strongman and kingmaker Richard Oldham are more likely to blame for her refusal to hold these two accountable for their tomfoolery. Having seen the videos of their conduct at QPD, we are hard pressed to understand any legitimate reason for refusing to move forward with charges. The two of them obviously went there intending to get arrested and hoping to be abused. They got the former, in spite of Frausto and Gilbert demonstrating extraordinary patience and giving them multiple opportunities to leave free men, but not the latter.

      In the videos, you can even see Roth go outside and make a call after being given the opportunity to leave before illegally reentering the PD and getting himself cuffed. Watching all the videos together, you can even see Roth blocking the door when he says he wasn’t and clearly resisting when he says he wasn’t. He must think he’s a better actor than he is.

  4. wolfcatcher says:

    Thank you Bagger. It’s obvious that La Paz needs a County Attorney that knows the meaning of the position and to stop being a coward by tiptoeing behind who they believe will get them re-elected. It should be illegal for Samantha to behave in such manner.

  5. desecrateus says:

    Wolfcatcher, it seems maybe Samantha has been spending time on his knees again with his master, Dickey Oldman. I wonder what Mikey Flame thinks about his lover boy doing some extracurricular activities with Oldman? Maybe he likes kissing Samantha and tasting what Dickey had for lunch.

    Bagger, can you do some investigation into the latest feud between Gilbert and the CA? I heard the whole thing started last year when somebody, maybe Linda, fucked up and sent a case to both the Town Prosecutor and CA leading the Chief to write the memo so the case wouldn’t get charged in two courts at once. I’m sure Sammy is thrilled to have such a stellar example of idiocy on his payroll now, she fits in so well there.

    • wolfcatcher says:

      Here is what I know, according to my sources, the Flamester and Samantha are having a cat fight about this and the waters are troubled. Slamin-a-Man-tha has his nose and whatever else up Slick Dick’s ass and not paying attention to the needs of Flame. Flame has vowed to catch the author of this webpage and can’t seem to do it without Samantha’s help. Samantha bent over and completed all the orders of Flame thus far, but now Samantha is having trouble trying to keep himself together and wanting to get re-elected and he is mad that Flame moved to another County and now doesn’t seem to care about his bf because Flame can’t vote in La Paz, so Slick Dick has resurfaced to cum to Samantha’s side in his time of need. It’s just a MENage trois. According to my sources.

      • Oh, what a sad strange world we live in. We hate to see young love struggle so. Maybe we will reveal our true selves just to get those lovebirds back on track.

      • Would the real Quartzsite Bagger please stand up, please stand up?

      • Here’s our high school senior yearbook photo for those who keep asking what we look like.

        Bagger Yearbook Photo

      • Well Bagger, you have came out and showed yourself. Now maybe Samantha and Flamer will stop their bitchfest and cuddle. Maybe this will motivate them to come out of the closet and show themselves as well. I think I have a tear. Bravo.

      • High school seems so long ago. We were a younger cow then. With hopes and dreams. Now our udder sags and we are stuck in this miserable heat. At least Jenny distracts the flies.

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