Screwing the Prutch, Part Deaux

Posted: 16 April, 2012 in Uncategorized

While the fiends of Ned Fraudster are chattering away on Facebook blaming everyone but whose responsible for former town manager and recipient of an illegal payoff by a prior council John Prutch not getting his day in court, no one is looking at who really appears to be at fault.  Before we critique the woeful legal representation Prutch had, we want to play a game we like to call Six Degrees of Richard Oldham.

Richard Oldham has been known to do work with Glenn Gimbut, currently the city attorney for San Luis.  Glenn Gimbut recently joined forces with Ellen Van Riper to prevent a woman from running for City Council in San Luis.

Richard Oldham also employs the firm of Schneider & Onofry.  Schneider & Onofry also represent the Quartzsite Liars Club and the former town clerk in their suits against the town.

John Prutch, formerly a friend of Oldham’s alleged number one enemy Rex Byrd, somehow winds up hiring Ellen Van Riper who, for reasons unfathomable, files an election contest of a local election in Maricopa County and gets it assigned to Judge Katherine Cooper who was a partner at Schneider & Onofry for seven years.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But ain’t it interesting how all roads seem to lead back to Richard Oldham.

When Van Riper originally filed Prutch’s case in Maricopa County and it got miraculously assigned to the former partner of Messrs Schneider and Onofry, we thought that she may be a genius.  Our assumption was that she was seeking a tactical advantage by having not only an attorney with ties to Richard Oldham but also a judge.  Apparently, the firm appearing along with Brannan for the town also got wind of the connection between Oldham and both Van Riper and Judge Cooper, because they quickly changed judges.

Other than trying to get some advantage by timing the complaint just right so as to ensure “random” assignment to Judge Cooper, we thought Van Riper might have a more practical reason for ignoring the fact that venue was only proper in La Paz County – she was pressed for time.  Van Riper only had five days to file an election contest.  She filed on the fifth day.  Her office is in Phoenix.  It makes sense that, being pressed for time, she would file the case in the wrong venue knowing that it would get transferred to the right venue and she would be able to argue that her complaint was filed in time.

Of course, after she doubled-down on the venue issue, it became apparent that there was nothing behind her filing the case in Maricopa County other than that she thought, incorrectly it turns out, that she could file the case there to the inconvenience of everyone involved except herself.  The fact is, it appears that Van Riper (or maybe she was just doing Prutch’s bidding) had opportunity after opportunity to speed things along but chose the slow road every time.

So, who is responsible for Prutch getting screwed out of his day in court? The blatherers who support Fraudster blame everyone but the people who could have done what was necessary to have the case heard in time.  The bagger? We think blame lies squarely on the poor decisions made by Van Riper and/or Prutch.

  1. neversmores says:

    My pal Huggy Bear (Bagger, I wonder if my Huggy is the same as yours?) says Old Man Oldham is getting sick of Jenny and her useless sty mate Jake. We heard he kicked their underprivileged asses to the curb and they are currently licking their words at Totem swapmeet. Could it be Oldham is tired of throwing money at these two with very minimal gains? Maybe someday he’ll learn to pick out some prize pigs to do his bidding rather than rely on the runts and rejects.

    • Probably just a lover’s spat like the one between Workman and Foster at Taco Mio. Never cock-block Foster. He’s a chick magnet. Learn to accept or move on, are we right?

  2. citizen4qtz says:

    Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww…too much information!

  3. desecrateus says:

    What is wrong with women these days??? How can anyone in their right mind think that Fraudster is worth fighting over?

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