Breaking News – Runoff for Mayor

Posted: 15 March, 2012 in Uncategorized

Final unofficial results of the March 13, 2012 Quartzsite Town election reveal that Ed Foster was not elected mayor as reported by local news agencies.  As the Bagger said earlier, the math in the Parker Pioneer story just didn’t add up and Foster wasn’t a clear winner as was being reported.

After all the ballots were counted, Foster was deemed to have received 320 votes, 49.84% of the 642 ballots cast for the office of mayor and 48.70% of 657 the ballots cast in the election overall.

Not yet clear is whether Mike Jewitt will face a runoff against John Prutch.  Although Jewitt received 52.08% of the 505 ballots cast in his race, he received only 40.03% of the 657 total ballots cast in the election overall.

Hey, JOHN GUTEKUNST, how does it feel to be scooped by a cow?  Guess he didn’t like it. Sorry for the dead link, folks, looks like the Pioneer took down that premature claim of victory for ol’ Ed right after the Bagger posted this.  Guess he didn’t want evidence of his inability to apply math and logic to information kept available in perpetuity.

The link has been changed to an archived version of the story Gutekunst got so woefully wrong.

  1. desecrateus says:

    What’s going on with the Jewit seat? The interwebs are abuzz with chatter and threats of law suits, etc. Heard anything worth sharing?

  2. desecrateus says:

    I heard Fraudster and his naive American sidekick Richard Flabby went to the local radio station demanding they take Luccason’s campaign ads off the air. Why, you ask? They claim Jerry is lying in the ads. Well if lying were a paying job, Fraudster would be rolling around in a pile of gold ala Scrooge McDuck! I heard the radio station said fuck you, we’ll keep airing the ads because we like money more than we like Fraudster.

    Rumor has it that Jerry’s spending his own money on his campaign. Nobody knows where Fraudster, on the other hand, is getting his scratch. Where do you think he’s getting the dough to pay for his mailers, signs, and “gifts” to potential voters? He told the Court that he’s indigent and has never paid the money he owes the Town for its court fee’s. Yet his glossy signs are all over town. Makes you wonder, eh?

    • We’d heard a similar rumor about the radio station involving not the doodler Richard Scabbey, but rather Foster Brooks impersonator Dean Taylor. No idea where Foster’s getting his cash. Maybe he’s providing commercial comfort to the truckers at Love’s.

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