Screwing the Prutch?

Posted: 9 March, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Bagger just got off the horn, or maybe it was a woodwind, with our favorite CI, Huggy Bear.  Huggy Bear said, and we paraphrase:

A long time ago just across town, current Council Candidate John Prutch was the Town Manager. After a majority of the council that hired him were replaced, he was fired at a meeting of dubious legality. So, Johnny boy, he sues the town for wrongful termination and holding an illegal meeting.  Johnny and the town lawyer up and heads come together.

Now, here’s where things get sticky.

The council gets with their mouthpiece to discuss a settlement, see, and they come to some sort of accommodation. How much did they pay Johnny? Well, that’s the sticky part. No one seems to know. After meeting with their mouthpiece,  the minutes of the council meeting say that the council voted to do what they agreed to do in secret. They never say what it was they agreed to do. Illegal, you betcha. Anything gonna be done about it? Hard to say. Huggy says he heard the town had made a formal complaint to the AG, but that’s all he knows. Making matters stickier, Huggy says Patty and Hugh are the only living souls who were involved in making the decision who can say what the council agreed to. He ain’t gonna ask ’em and neither are we. We’ll leave the investigation to non-bovines.

Things get weirder, though. Huggy overheard that the minutes to the executive session are missing. Nowhere to be found. Huggy also heard that the town’s insurance company didn’t pay out, so whatever was paid out came directly from the taxpayer’s pockets. Adding insult to injury, Huggy also heard that Prutch’s personnel files were all taken from town hall back when all these shenanigans were being pulled.

Is Huggy telling the truth? We think he heard what he says he heard. It will take a real journalist to ask for the records to see if they are really missing and an investigation by the AG or some other agency to know for sure whether what he heard was true or not. Don’t look at the bagger for real journalism. We’re just a cow.

  1. klueless1 says:

    Is it true that there could be a runoff between Jewitt and Prutch?

    • Don’t know. Guess that would depend on whether the winner of a primary election needs to obtain 1 more vote than half of the ballots turned in or 1 more vote than half of the ballots turned in with votes in that race. What we do know is that the numbers reported by the Parker Pioneer don’t add up. If there are 626 ballots total, including those that ain’t been counted and Ed got 312, Jerry got 235, Jenny got 56 and 9 had a write-in (even though nobody was running as a write in) that comes up to 612 votes. If there are 38 uncounted ballots and you add them to 612, you get 650, not 626. If you add 626 to 38, you get 664. Our favorite pimp and informant, Huggy Bear says that word on the street is that poll workers were told that there were 380 early ballots, the poll workers claim to have taken in 320 voters and an additional 20 mail-in ballots.

      How many votes were cast. How many of the voters who cast ballots show a physical address in a “visitors” area and a mailing address in Montana or Ohio or Michigan or the Virgin Islands. We would love to know these answers. We don’t.

  2. desecrateus says:

    Someone should be up up in Parker in Donna Hale’s face! Well, maybe not in her face, she’s too unattractive to get that close to her without serious risk of blindness. But you know what I mean. The Town ought to be requesting an investigation to see whether all these voters are legit.

  3. klueless1 says:

    How would you handicap Prutch’s upcoming court challenge to Jewitt’s election win?

  4. neversmores says:

    Bagger, It seems you were right about this election business. Pretty smart for a cow, aren’t you? Too bad we can’t say the same about JJ. She’s still got a hard on for the whole “election fraud” business. Talking to a friend who happened to be at the polling place for part of the day, I think someone should be investigating voter fraud. So maybe all Jenny’s whining will work in the Town’s favor and she’ll get what she’s asking for.

  5. neversmores says:

    Word on the street is that Prutch is throwing good money after bad and his beyond incompetent attorney filed an appeal. Why??? Isn’t it kind of late for his name to appear on the ballot?

  6. desecrateus says:

    What happens now with the appeal? Can they gain anything from proceeding?

    • The appeal will probably be dismissed for the same reason his challenge was, he waited too long to file it. Hell, maybe he even filed it in the wrong court again. We are really beginning to think that the last thing he wants is a trial on the “merits.” Then again, if he lost he’d blame it on a lazy or bought judge anyway.

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