Town Finally Exposed Truth About Quartzsite Liars Club President Will Ponce

Posted: 8 March, 2012 in Uncategorized

Y’all thought the Bagger was crazy for calling Quartzsite Liars Club President Will Ponce out for his lie about the reasons that his state personnel appeal was dismissed.  If you recall, that rascally Willie said the only reason his appeal was dismissed was that his attorney fucked him by filing his paper’s late, blaming his predicament of Mike Storie.  Well, not only was Mr. Storie not the sole cause for Willie’s appeal being shitcanned, it appears he wasn’t even the main cause.

As you can see from the hearing officer’s recommendation in Yeomans’ case, the hearing officer would have made the same call even if Mr. Storie hadn’t apparently missed a filing deadline.  Guess that puts Willie in the shit-out-of-luck category if he’s thinking of suing Mr. Storie for malpractice. Malpractice requires prejudice and Willie woulda lost anyway.

Think that this is just the work of one hearing officer? Think again, a different hearing officer came to the same conclusion with even harsher reasoning in kicking Norris’ appeal to the curb.

One must see the writing on the wall with regard to the remaining three appeals.

  1. neversmores says:

    I heard Kemp’s appeal said pretty much the same thing. I wonder how the Liars Club will spin it? With all these different hearing officers coming up with the same conclusion, they won’t be able to do their usual “the Town spread money around to get the result they wanted” excuse. Although the idiots that want to believe their lies will swallow anything at this point. One of these days when the truth comes out about what a group of whiney babies these Q8 are, what a joke Ed is, what an absolute nut job Jenny is, these people supporting them are going to feel like such fools. Or not. It may be that they are too ignorant to accept the truth no matter how glaring it is.

  2. neversmores says:

    So are all the hearings done at the state level? Come on Bagger! I expect more updates from you. You have a cult following and those of us away from Qsite rely on your stellar reporting to get us through the days.

  3. neversmores says:

    Someone said there was a hearing in Flag yesterday, hear any juicy details on the down and out Q10 or whatever they call themselves?

    • They say you win some and you lose some, but when it comes to the Q2πr, winning some apparently wasn’t on the books. We heard that several claims were dismissed and more are likely to be after the case progresses a little further. The most interesting tidbit we heard was that the federal judge, like the State personnel appeals board, rejected their claim to be whistleblowers.

      • neversmores says:

        Well, they blow something, just not whistles. I see they aren’t in any hurry to update the masses on yet another loss, but I’m sure they are in super spin mode trying to figure out how to make it sound like they won. Whatever happened to that professionally built website they were having made? It’s still not done. But they did create a Flakebook page and a Blogspot page to update the few who still give a shit about them.

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