Special Ed

Posted: 17 February, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, Ed Foster thinks he’s better than you. He must. He expects the town to give him a copy of the “council packet” just because he’s running for office. Running for office doesn’t make you special, Ed. You’re still a member of the public. Just like any other member of the public, you can make a public record request to see the packet and pay the town to copy it for you. Or, just like any other member of the public, you can go see it at the public library and save a few bucks by copying it there.

You aren’t special, Ed, you are just Special Ed.

– posted by Fake Ed Foster with the Bagger’s consent.

  1. neversmores says:

    He can’t come up with the few bucks to pay for a copy. Maybe we should set up a PayPal donate button for Ed’s special needs just like the idiot sheep did for the Liars Club. I’m sure he’s not to proud to accept handouts, just like Jenny isn’t too proud to be the Town’s biggest (literally) receiver of free food from the Food Bank. A friend saw Ed wandering around the dumpsters behind Mickey D’s, probably looking for his next meal.

    • He’d probably spend it on cheap booze, anyway. We wonder how much Richard Oldham is putting toward the Liars Club prosecution fund. They’re represented by the same firm that’s representing him against the town. Hopefully he’s getting more for his money than the Liars Club is. We see that the town has posted hearing officer recommendations to dismiss all of the Liars Club cases except for Frakes’. What are the odds that Frakes’ hearing officer reaches a different conclusion than the hearing officers for the other five did? A trillion to one, perhaps?

  2. desecrateus says:

    I heard a rumor Oldham is pulling stakes and listing his properties in Quartzsite for sale. Another rumor is that he had to put them for sale because he is broke. Probably from throwing money at the Liars Club lawyers and subsidizing Jenny’s rag, with little results. Have you heard anything about this?

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