Shout Out to AZCENTRAL!

Posted: 17 February, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thanks for the 300 visitors yesterday alone. If the intent of Ed and Jade was to shut the bagger up and to keep people from getting to know how the two of them roll, all we can say is EPIC FAIL!

  1. neversmores says:

    Ha-ha! Good job there Bagger, you are my hero. Was there anything to be learned from that article? Yes. That journalistic standards have fallen to an all time low. Remember when reporters researched articles and didn’t care about sensationalism and selling papers? Yeah, me too. I am ashamed at the media in this country, it’s truly turned into a Jerry Springer type world.

    We also learned that Sam has sand in her vagina. Maybe Mikey can buy some Summer’s Eve and douche him out. Who better to do a douching than one of the biggest douches ever? Spread those legs Sammy!

  2. klueless1 says:

    Well, did they shut you up? Not another peep out of you. Depending on you guys to give us the inside scoop on all of this FBI and Vaderman business. What’s really happening?

    • Word on the street – and this is straight from Huggy Bear’s mouth – is that Vederma’am is frantically trying to wag the dog to get people to ignore something. What might that be? Huggy Bear wasn’t sure but his speculation will be the topic of a new post.

  3. sicboy181 says:

    Thanks for keeping it real.. It’s amazing that two “Special” people can cause so much grief and don’t even own land in this town.. Tired of them!!!!!!!!!

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