Rumor Mill part Seyth

Posted: 4 February, 2012 in Uncategorized

Rumor has it that the former PD secretary was hired by the County Attorney simply to piss Chief Gilbert off, is Samantha Vederman that childish?

Yes. Yes he is. He’s a whiney little bitch that can hold a grudge like a woman scorned. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off queen. If he’d have done a reference check, he might have found out how many times Ms. Conley had been disciplined by the Town, and why she was fired, and thought twice about putting someone like her in a position to ruin (oops, did i say ruin? I meant run. Yes, run) yet another office. But why check references when your sole purpose is to irritate someone? Perhaps when the complaints from the S.O. and all the other agencies that have to deal with her get loud enough, he’ll send her ass packing. Although the complaints would have to come in by ESP because she doesn’t seem to know how to deliver a phone message, and probably shreds the snail mail instead of delivering it to its intended recipient. Nah, what am I thinking, even if it slapped him in the face he wouldn’t admit it was a bad decision to hire her. Maybe if SHE slapped him in the face, that might get him going. Two old women going at each other! Meooooow!
  1. neversmores says:

    I’ve always wondered how she kept her job at the PD for as long as she did! She was so rude. Sure, she’d start out sounding helpful and nice but after a few minutes that veneer would start to crack and the true mega bitch behind the mask would appear.

    Plus she did both her jobs horribly (secretary and evidence technician). I know someone who currently works for the Town and has said how dirty, unorganized and completely neglected that place was. The evidence room was a nightmare! You couldn’t even open the door and walk in without stuff falling over. Did anyone ever find out why she wasn’t fired for growing pot in the evidence room? They got rid of the former Chief for that, but apparently they gave her a pass. On what planet does an evidence tech grow weed in the evidence room and get away with it? Maybe she was growing it to smoke and that’s what caused the bad judgement. Good grief.

    Hopefully all their past bad acts come out in the law suit they filed against the Town. The worst decision any department head or manager made was to keep all those idiots on as long as they did.

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