Rumor Mill part Sechs

Posted: 3 February, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Rumor has it that disgraced former Mayor Ed Fraudster and Pat Workman are not dating, just close friends.

The Bagger doesn’t know and doesn’t care.  Whatever sloppy hole ol’ Ed sticks his wicket in is none of our concern.  The mental image of the two of them geezers bumping uglies (seriously ugly uglies) is enough to put the Bagger into a state of delirium that not even the strongest Benzodiazepine could overcome.

  1. desecrateus says:

    Sweet fancy Moses! That’s nightmare inducing. Thinking of Ed trying to mate with anything is a frightening prospect that my brain has trouble processing. I always assumed alcoholics couldn’t get a boner, was I wrong about this? isn’t that where the term “whiskey dick” came from? Although I did hear a rumor that ‘ol Ed prefers four legged fuck buddies. That’s probably why he and Pat are “just friends”.

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