New World Order, and other Conspiracy Theories

Posted: 3 February, 2012 in Uncategorized

How is it getting spun in the local “media” that Brannan had Mikey Frame fired as the Town’s public defender???  Doesn’t anyone remember the June 28th council meeting?  Brannan wasn’t even the Town Attorney when the decision was made to go to the County’s rotation for public defender services.  Why look!!!  Who voted to approve the rotation instead of using Mikey exclusively? It was our former Mayor Ed Fraudster himself!

So it seems that the “injustice” that Fraudster is whining about it something he knew full well wasn’t Brannan’s doing.  The real injustice is how many of his “supporters” are being misled by his MANY falsehoods.

What the Bagger wonders, is how much power this Brannan guy actually has? If he could influence the outcome of events after the fact, could he have had a hand in faking the moon landing?  Or been behind the Area 51 cover up? Everyone knows they got aliens in there!  Brannon was in the military, so this is entirely possible.  Makes me wonder…


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