Are You the Quartzsite Bagger?

Posted: 6 January, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you are the Quartzsite Bagger, make yourself known

Available now!

Also available for the ladies!

  1. my my my we will never ever know who is the real bagger , coz its over 4000 good people in qtz az that are beyound sick of all of them . this is not their town . its everyones town. we know you will never grow up . so just move on . we have take qtz az . to a whole new level…. the best in the future is on its way . the cleanse has begun .

  2. thedogbitchhunter says:

    Hey Bagger…can you make me a shirt that says…..

    JJones defined:

    Ignorant uneducated, moomoo wearing, fraudster sucking, pig slapping, bitch of a dog, wishing she was a lawyer, red headed, snaggle tooth, smells like a spoiled can of sardines………………………..infamous JJones!

    Ruf ruf….bark like the dog your are!

  3. desecrateus says:

    hey DogBitchHunter- that’s a good shirt! I’d wear that all around town. Why not make your own at Cafe Press? The Bagger can’t be the only one who has discovered how easy it is to have things made there. Make sure you get that saying on a coffee cup too. Or wait, maybe we don’t want anything with a reference to Jenny that close to our mouths.

  4. desecrateus says:

    Come on Bagger!!! We need some new shirts to proudly wear to let the world know about the IDIOTS in our town and what is actually going on here.

  5. neversmores says:

    I have a great idea for a shirt! It involves an image of the Pilsbury Dough Boy and the picture the Parker Lioneer ran with Samanta’s PR campaign, cough, I mean unbiased news story, with the separated at birth caption like you did with Jenny and the cow! I want full credit and a portion of the profit if they are a big seller.

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