Happy New Year

Posted: 31 December, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been 2012 for a while here now, and we have to say, this does feel like the beginning of the end.  December 21 seems so long from now and yet so soon.  We wish we had done more in our short time on the planet, but mostly we wish that the Mayans had made a longer calendar.  As much as life may suck, the alternative sucks even worse.  Not as bad as Dutch beer sucks, but pretty bad nonetheless.

As the new year reaches you, we wish champagne for our real friends and real pain for our sham friends and others.  We’re going to bed now.  The sun’s about to come up and this Dutch beer is starting to fuzz our mind.

  1. “The Desert Freedom Pad” Amazing what such a gifted, imaginative writer can do with words! Even to the point of answering his own alleged statements in the form of third party rebuttals! This writer may have a future in advertising or fictional writings when his present career is finished. The sad fact is that, eventually, all truths will come out! This writer, “the Bagger” in promoting his “parodies” should not fail to realize that a picture is worth a thousand words. The truth will eventually, always come to light! Contrary to what one may wish, purported biased untruths will find the light of day and be exposed for what they really are, a fictionalized version of misdirections, an individual that is not only trying to hide the facts but to portray himself as a shining knight of truth and justice, by capitalizing on the emotions of personal biases and the ill-informed. Can anyone of reasonable intelligence, after viewing the videos of each of the incidences occurring in Quartzsite over the last two years have any doubt as to who is fabricating and sponsoring their own propaganda machine to cover their own lack of integrity and incompetence? A reasonable person of intelligence, no matter what their background can and should be able to look at the evidence presented and determine for themselves just who is the usurper of the legal justice system and who is in effect promoting their own self serving agendas. When this alleged attorney, (in sheep’s clothing) is shown up under the spotlight of truth, justice will prevail, and the facts will be there for all to see as in an open book.

    You see, when a group of individuals come together to conspire to usurp the form of government that we have been so blessed to receive through the hard work and sacrifices of the many generations of our forefathers, are only as strong as their weakest link! As the truths find their way to the surface, the body of evidence will be so overwhelming that the weakest individual that fears the light of truth will cave under the pressure. At that time, when the one weakest link begins to present his / her side of their version of the facts, the conspiracy will start to unravel. Then it will be every man / woman for themselves, if only to preserve their perceived integrity, and will then give up the remaining hidden truths.

    The one thing that the smart, self, serving public servant seems to forget is that there will always be someone or a group of someone’s that will be able to put enough of the facts together to form a true picture of the events. There may be many individuals that have a particular piece of the puzzle and may not know it until presented in a group setting. This information is like a piece of a puzzle and when properly fitted into its proper place, will it present, a whole picture of true value. The videos, alone speak volumes as to the true usurpers of justice. But in conjunction with each piece of physical evidence, will a clearer picture be seen. In time the “hole” of injustice seems to be getting deeper. Those in the bottom will begin to feel overwhelmed from the sheer weight of truth. In time the weakest link will try to save him / her self at the expense of the others. All it takes is time. History is a great teacher for those that pay attention to its lessons. Eventually the weak will fall and with that, will run to present their version of perceived truths, if only in an attempt to save themselves. But the fact will remain that they were a co-conspirator and will equally share in its burdens of guilt.

    As for the author of the Bagger, let us say that eventually his identity will be presented. As in all things one always leaves a trail of sorts. No matter how small it may seem, there will always be someone that excels at tracking those trails. All it takes is a commitment and the perseverance to follow the tracks / clues left behind. It has been my experience over the many years in the investigative field of Public Service that one must take their time, collect enough pieces of the puzzle to make that picture whole and then present it to the world under the light of truth. And the light will expose all the shadows of doubt! When the truth does come out, all those little innuendos, that defame the characters of the “Bagger’s” wrath will have plenty of ammunition (provided by the Bagger himself) to give him his day in court!

    Bagger, you have a perverted, twisted sense of your own importance (or is that impotence?) You are a little man in a little pond with a very self inflated ego. PTSD? I think the problem goes far deeper than that! More likely to your childhood. But, that is for a shrink to analyze and determine. I’m just basing my observations on what you have written and presented to the public. (By the way, did you get permission from the Characters you are defaming to use their pictures for your business of selling to the public?) Interesting!

    • Got bored after the first sentence and stopped reading. You should try getting to the point sooner or being interesting or amusing. It’s so much more fun for the reader. The Bagger is bewildered about the apparent lack of entertainment that causes people posting from the old south to be so concerned about our little town. Guess now that cross burning is illegal, there’s just not much to do there.

  2. klueless1 says:

    “this does feel like the beginning of the end”

    Well, Martin Bagger, it looks like your words were truly prophetic. Or do you get your predictions from Alex Taft?

    • The Bagger’s first name is “Quartzsite” or Ms. Bagger if you’re nasty. And we get our predictions from Nostradamus, the Mayans, St. John the Divine and the Book of Isiah just like every other self-respecting conspiracy theorist.

  3. neversmores says:

    I think someone got a thesarus for Christmas!

    I stopped reading after the 5th or 20th time he said “usurp”. My mind wandered off and I started thinking of how much usurp sounds like slurp, then that lead to an image of Jenny at her trough slurping up the gruel Oldham feeds her.

    Woo pig Sooeee!!!

    • Usurp reminds the Bagger of syrup, which reminds the Bagger of Canada, which reminds the Bagger of hockey, which reminds the Bagger of stick-handling, which reminds the Bagger of Mikey and Samantha, which reminds the Bagger of Ned Beatty, which also leads the Bagger to Woo pig Sooeee!!!

  4. klueless1 says:

    Sorry Ms. Janet Bagger, my mistake. Hard to know whether it’s you or Martin on any given post.

  5. First off I’m not from the South. I’m from New England where most have us have not only finished H.S. but have moved on to a higher academic standard. If you were bored that is only because you have such a short attention span! Next time I will break it down into smaller sentences for you. Maybe, you may even begin to retain the little bit that you can read. Cross burning went out about 40 years ago. I’ve been to your little town a number of times. The only detractors were its Nazi style form of government. But all that will change soon. You can take that to the bank. Now, your alter ego Nerphherder, “Neversnores” just seems to have the same ailment as you do in retention! For someone that claims that they didn’t read the post…so obviously must have a retention problem as well. Must have also failed math! Seeing as how I only use the form of “usurper” on three occassions. The last time towards the very end. As for getting to the point! I believe that I covered that area quite well. The end will justify the means. We will see who is laughing last! You are a joke! I eagerly look forward to reading all about your exploits to come. I could always recommend some english retention courses 101 for you. They are really just little books, you know, like see spot run! They even come with pictures to help you along with the story.

  6. Is it that you are still reading? Or just trying to sound out the words? I could send you some pictographs that may help you in comprehension! Sigh! In the mean time I think that I will persue other endeavors…you know..like history research type of stuff. I love to do background checks especially for those that have piked my interests! See you in the history books!
    Signed by Major Daniel Corcoran (ret)

  7. desecrateus says:

    Ground control to Major Tom, I think your suit has depressurized and the lack of oxygen your brain received is causing you to think we care about the shit that comes out of your mouth.

    Go over to the Facebook pages, Jenny’s rag, or Gilfords site, where your views would be more accepted by the gullible. They may think you are smart because you use big words, that you have something worthwhile to say because your posts are endlessly long. We don’t.

  8. Once again your attention span is limited. Have you ever tried Phonetic spelling? Your posts are funnier than the commercials put out today by the talentless writers of the writers guild. Your time is growing shorter than you think. Keep trying! Between the two of you, maybe you may even pass first grade reading. But, not likely!

  9. neversmores says:

    It’s hard for me to take anyone named Corky seriously. We had a Sheltie once named Corky, he was much more entertaining than this guy.

    By the way Corky, are you an adult? Most of us have outgrown ending the majority of our sentences with an exclamation point. I haven’t seen it overused that badly since I read my 14 year-old daughter’s diary.

  10. Well, anyone that has to read his daughter’s diary for entertainment is really pathetic ( by the way, does she use pict-o-graphs too?) And maybe…you need to brush up on your writing skills 101. I feel sorry for your dog, Sheltie named Corky to have to reside with such vermin such as the two of you. But then again some animals have learned to endure the hardships of their masters and mistresses. Please feel free to report me to anyone of interest. You see, once a report is made you then become public knowledge! Which will be much easier and less time consuming than my way. You are funny!!! Feeling the s t r e s s yet?

    • Oh, Corky. You strike us as the kind of Georgia peckerwood who wakes up every morning on a piss-stained mattress stinking of bile and Clan MacGregor, your thinning hair stuck to your pasty-white face. We think it may not have always been like this, though. There was a time when the mattress wasn’t so stained, when we imagine your breath stinking instead of Black Label or maybe even a single malt, where we imagine that you didn’t have to drink so much to raise your self esteem enough to think of yourself as desirable and we imagine that your wife or girlfriend, or both, still took your calls. Then came retirement. Now we think of you clinging to the title that once meant something as though it still does. We guess that when you were young and still had dreams, though, being a major was never your goal. We think of you as not wanting to be a victim of the Peter Principle, but there you were – mid-level management and no more. We imagine you were one of those guys we used to pity. Guys who continued to skulk around the unit after retirement hoping that someone would remember them, that someone would call them sir; guys who quickly learned that the “sir” was directed at the oak leaf, not at them; guys who are only addressed as “sir” now when the security guard says, “sir, please stop pissing on the gladiolas.” So, no, Corky, we aren’t stressed, we’re just bored by our pity for the person we imagine when we think of you.

      • neversmores says:

        Ouch, poor pathetic Corky is probably curled up in a little ball on his urine soaked mattress wishing he had a few bucks to buy that jug of Clan MacGregor he so desperately needs after that dressing down. Go Bagger! Let’s all point and laugh at the sad old retired guy who wishes we all cared about his former rank and were as impressed with him as he is of himself.

  11. bigotryeraser says:

    It looks like the effects of the growth of for-profit colleges is rearing its ugly head. Unless quartzsitebagger went to a ‘real’ law school … in which case we’re much worse off than I thought.

  12. citizen4qtz says:

    Corky, for someone who eschews improper English (yes, it should be capitalized), I am certainly piqued by your “piked”…in truly looking at the keyboard and with one less letter, there is no possible way you did (oops) a typo.

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