Free Speech is Dead! Long live Free Speech!

Posted: 31 December, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, Mikey Frame doesn’t understand that parody is free speech.  He must have slept through Hustler v. Falwell.  Or maybe he was shitfaced on Campari and losing his virginity to his mother at the time.

What is his real agenda, anyway?  Is he taking  pre-emptive action in case Brannan is dumb enough to run against Frame’s BFF Samantha Vederma’am?  Is he trying to make the town’s decision to cease contracting with him last June (god only knows how he continues to get cases after the Council said they weren’t going  to use him as public defender any more) which will inevitably be acted on somehow vindictive?

Who knows?  Who cares?  The Bagger is a free agent equal opportunity asshole who isn’t under the control of Alex Taft, Richard Oldham, Ed Foster, Jose Lizarraga, Martin Brannan, Jenny Jones or any other person perceived by people in town as kings and kingmakers.

  1. desecrateus says:

    I’ve heard Samantha and Mikey are MUCH more than BFF’s, if you get my drift. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Not at all. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is nobody’s business but their own. Of course, if you are a victim and Mikey represents the defendant or if you are a defendant and Samantha needs to pad her stats … Well, I’m sure that never happens, right?

      • neversmores says:

        I heard Sammy and his pal are having a little getaway for the next couple days. Should we send some romantic roses and bubble bath to make things extra special for them? Probably will need some Lava soap to wash that Santorum off before they head back to P Town. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Not at all.

  2. thedogbitchhunter says:

    Valentine’s day is just arround the corner…don’t get caught with your “pants down” and forget this special day you two…pants on the ground…pants on the ground…don’t be fool wit ya pants on the ground…!

  3. desecrateus says:

    IS there anything wrong with that? After all, they are both lawyers and we’ve all heard how lawyers have a slightly skewed perception of ethical behavior.

    I tell ya, I’d give my left nut to talk to Frame’s ex and find out what she thinks of how close them two are. I bet she’s got some fascinating stories!

    You gotta wonder if those guys ever yell at victims “how’s it feel to be fucked twice? Once by me and once by the motha fuckin man!”. Prolly not, although it would be hilarious if they did. I’m sure neither has a sense of humor.

    Honestly, I think Frame could do better than Samantha. Have you seen Frame? He’s kind hot! Why if both his eyes pointed in the same direction I’d totally do him. Sammy looks like a pasty little old man who has the personality of a piece of Wonder bread. Perhaps Mikey should check out Grindr for love interests. (psst, Mikey, if you are reading this my Grindr handle is BigFlamer!. Look me up and hook me up)

  4. neversmores says:

    Bagger, I know you aren’t a Facebook fan but did you see the old drunk bum (Foster) is saying Town Attorney Brannan got Mike Frame fired? Seems Foster can’t remember what happened at the council meeting 6-7 months ago. You’d think he’d be clinging to every memory of that brief time he had power over something. Now he doesn’t even have the power to control his bladder. You think it could be senile dementia or has the booze finally warped his mind beyond repair?

  5. desecrateus says:

    I heard some interesting news about Samantha and Frame’s recent court hearing in Yuma. VERY interesting news indeed. Bagger, we should talk. Although you seem to be everyone and everywhere, so you may already know the juicy details.

    • Someone who watched the festivities told Huggy Bear that Mikey said there would be evidence about him and Sammy kissing that Mikey would refute, but no such evidence has yet been presented even though Sammy testified (woulda thunk a denial from Sammy while under oath would at least have been in order given Mikey’s opening statement – which wasn’t made under oath) and that Mikey’s step-kids reported that Sammy and Mikey stole political signs belonging to three other candidates. Huggy didn’t get the details on whose signs they were, but the Bagger would guess that they were probably Brannan’s, Field’s and some unknown third victim of one of Sammy’s political supporters. That’s just a guess, mind you. Huggy’s source said that Mikey claimed, in his opening statement and not while under oath, that he and his step-kids only took down Sammy’s signs. Huggy’s source didn’t actually hear anyone testify to that and the hearing has been continued to some date in the future.

  6. desecrateus says:

    I’d love to have a few words with Huggy Bear to share the info I have, we can compare notes. Samantha must be shaking in his stilettos!

    Heard anything about a potential opponent for the CA race?

    • Apparently there are no monkeys left who are mentally challenged enough to run. Although, Huggy Bear has a conspiracy theory under which Sammy is appointed by drunken and disorderly presidential nose-picker Jan Brewer to replace Mike Burke as Superior Court Judge and Dandy Dan Field is appointed by the Supes to replace Sammy. Sounds like a circle jerk of epic proportions to us, but Huggy is convinced that this will happen.

  7. wolfcatcher says:

    Is there something wrong with the Mikey-Samantha relationship? Rumor has it that the La Paz County Attorney has taken the last name of the Quartzsite Bagger by using a Fake Facebook called “Dusty Bagger.” Did Sammy stray from the Framster and did the Quartzsite Bagger and the County Attorney in a cahoots, did they go to Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont, or Washington, D.C. and get married where same-sex marriage is legal or is there more “behind” or “back door” shenanigans? Maybe he just wants the Bagger’s last name for lust’s sake. Enquiring minds want to know….

    • The bagger doesn’t facebook, so the only thing we know about what goes on in Zuckerbergland is what we hear from our main CI, Huggy Bear, and we haven’t heard anything about this Dusty Bagger character. Haven’t heard anything about any falling out between Mikey and Samantha, either. While politics has been known to make strange bedfellows, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Bagger is strictly bovisexual. A bovine shall not lie with a man as with a bovine. It is an abomination. It’s in the Bible. We’re sure of it.

  8. Thank you wolfcatcher for tearing off the Lapaz County Attorney’s cloak of wool. I viewed the Fakebook and noticed that he did put Mikey Flame as his friend along with 5 others . So maybe it is a double super-secret avenue to La Paz County Attorney’s alternate life. His name of choice also gives some insight to how jealous he is of the Quartzsite Bagger and how much of an impact the Bagger is to Vederma’am’s life. Secret crush or arch enemy, hummm? If it is a crush, is there going to be a stand-off of Mikey Flame and the Bagger for Sam Vederma’am? Samantha must not realize that the Bagger is only partial to bovines unless there is something more hidden in the closet of our County Attorney.

    Is there was a way to post the picture of Dusty Bagger’s Fakebook? I have taken the liberty of snapping the screen shots of his page but do not know how to post it due to my lack of computer skills. Please advise.

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