The piglet is Conley. Or Conley is a piglet. Whatever, whatever, they both suck.

Posted: 23 December, 2011 in Uncategorized

I took Piglet’s suggestion and checked out his posts of Flakebook. The Bagger won’t post there because the Bagger still hasn’t forgiven Zuckerberg for what he did to the Winklevoss twins and Andrew Garfield.  The Bagger did find this interesting tidbit, however:

Suuuu Weeee

Piglet and Conley are one and the same.

So, the real Piglet has now spoken and it is Conley.  The Bagger has long wondered how many of these “people” are really one primate.

  1. desecrateus says:

    Hahaha! That little Piggy is going wee wee wee. Fucking moron needs a visit from Farmer John.

    • The Bagger used to like Farmer John. Now? Not so much. The Bagger thinks the piglet is more in need of a visit from Ned Beatty’s nemeses in Deliverance. But, then again, the piglet is probably into that.

  2. Shanana Rain Golden-Bear says:

    Kevin Hogwood/Conley, evidently gets confused easily, as the letter referred to was written by Hygeia Halfmoon. Maybe he should read SLOWLY before he posts to all those many websites and libels me!!! Maybe he has something to lose, unlike Mrs. Jones.

    I am often accused of not publishing when particular court cases are dismissed, etc. No other free community newspaper, especially with a staff on ONE, follows every arrest made nor every court case. Hogwood can’t even follow through correcting his outrageous claims. DUH!

    It should be an interesting campaign season in Quartzsite!

  3. thedogbitchhunter says:

    hey khog…or would you lke to be called just hog…..or maybe khole…..maybe we’ll just stay with piglet………no, i think i like khole.

    Rumor has it that you and the Fraudster like to share…….well lets just leave it at that. Whats the matter….you and your little groupies sure like to dish it out…but you sure cant take it!………well that puts us right back to you and the Fraudster…taken it up the……………………………………………….

    Have a very merry and miserable Xmas!

  4. khog says:

    Congratulations Bagger! Your figured out who I am. My name is not Piglet by the way! Shanana, I apologized to you for mistaking Hygeia’s comment as being posted by you. I don’t understand why you all here are defending Town Hall and attacking Jade and Ed Foster? It makes no sense to me!

    • As long as your breath smells like Jenny’s ass, you’ll always be piglet to me. If, on the other hand, you want to abandon your partisanship and have a reasoned conversation, the Bagger will drop our partisanship and do the same. But, this ain’t a fucking newspaper, its a parody of the fake news that Jenny shits out, so don’t look here for reason.

  5. A Friend says:

    Free speech! Free speech! So Bagger, have you really been that close to Jen? I always knew parody could be fun. Everyone knows there ain’t no reason to fear parody. Did you hear Jenny got outed for flying that flag union down? She’s loving it on face boook. I woud venture to say she must want more attention from the feds. I hope they’re watching this. Go get her.

    • Luckily, there’s always a pane of glass between the Bagger and Jenny. Even her stank can’t penetrate glass.

      • desecrateus says:

        You must have seen Jenny in the mall pet store too! I was walking past on my way to Orange Julius and saw this adorable little Chihuahua in the window. I almost bought it but I couldn’t afford the 500 bucks, if only drinking gin was a paying job, but I digress, when I saw it. This pathetic beast rolling around in its own filth, dry humping a poor Bassett Hound, and begging to be adopted. It was like going past a car wreck, morbid curiousity makes it impossible to look away, when I spied King Richard OldMan come along! He must have felt QTown didn’t have enough rabid bitches running around so he asked the pet shop boys to get it out, do a level 4 decontamination and throw a muu muu on his new pet. They were so grateful to be getting rid of the horrific creature that they threw in the Bassett Hound! OldMan decided to take the Bassett even though he usually likes his bitches unattached but figured he’d get him neutered and call him Jack. Its always good to have pet willing to fetch and carry for you, and OldMan is no fool. Besides, its always good to have something to dry hump. No one understands that better than OldMan and Jenny.

  6. thedogbitchhunter says:

    A real “patriot” that Jenny is…I heard the Feds are doing more than paying her a little attention…the word is *** has been a bad boy…go put some paper down for him so he won’t pee on the trailer floor when he gets paid a visit…if OldMan paid 500 bucks for that dogbitch…I hope he got his hard earned used car selling money’s worth…ruf ruf…bark like the dogbitch ya are…………….Jenny!

  7. neversmores says:

    I heard that the little piggy has been sucking up to Gilbert lately. Wonder what brought that on.

    Maybe KHog has finally removed his head from Jenny’s ass and noticed how handsome Gilbert really is. Could it be he is interested in a BFF relationship like Mikey and Samantha have??? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  8. neversmores says:

    Poor Khog, the “supporters” (a bunch of whack jobs, I think) have turned on him like a group of rabid coyotes! Maybe he will realize the kind of people who support Foster, Jenny, etc. Let’s see how long it takes for him to realize these idiots aren’t his friends and they don’t give two shits about him.

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