S’Matta Jenny?

Posted: 21 December, 2011 in Uncategorized

Did that mean old judge expect you to act like a lawyer while you were pretending to be one?  Poor baby.  You go ahead and file your judicial conduct complaint.  I’m sure it will be as successful as your efforts to unseat THE HONORABLE JOSE LIZARRAGA, MAYOR.  That’s something you will never be – honorable.  Or mayor for that matter.

  1. thedogbitchhunter says:

    A smell a rotten one………let the huntin begin! JJ better start finding a new mumu wardrobe…….I think she should go fer the color orange! Her booking photo is b-u-t-ful! Bark like the dog ya r!

    • The Bagger’s already in trouble with the beef council for libeling cattle, we don’t need a bunch of bitches barking at our door over likening JJ to them, but your point is well taken. Heard from the jail matron that JJ wasn’t wearing nothing but fur under her muumuu when she was booked. We had to stare directly at the sun for half an hour to get rid of that mental image.

  2. khog says:

    Jennifer Jones has more knowledge of the law in her pinky finger than you have in your entire body, scumbagger! She is also way more honorable than Jose Lizarraga could ever think of having. Remember that he used to sit on the common council as one of the gang of crooks. He is now usurping the office of Mayor, since he he never secured a bond before the recall election!

    • If you and Jenny are so sure, why don’t you waddle – or whatever it is that piglets do – down to the Court and file another complaint? Can’t scrape up the filing fee or just afraid of losing yet again even when you are the only one to show up to court?

  3. thedogbitchhunter says:

    Hey khog….the only honorable thing JJ could do would be to stick her head up her ass and leave it there…..but then who would be able to even tell, since they both look the same…ass hole….JJ….ass hole…JJ…ass hole……JJ

    • Again, if the Bagger made a profit off the skyrocketing sales of t-shirts thanks to Ms. Jones giving us so much publicity, we might invest in a plexiglass belly button for her so she could see with her head up her ass. Say, hunter, if you see the Town Attorney today, let him know that I was thinking of him this morning when I sipped a hot latte at the Starbucks on Brannan Street.

    • Attroney? What’s an attroney?

    • I the Bagger made a profit off of the sale of the “Twins” t-shirt, which we don’t, we would gladly donate it for a filing fee so that Jenny could suffer yet another defeat in a court of record. Sadly, being witty assholes isn’t a paying job, so we can’t afford the filing fee, either. Maybe rich uncle pennybags could float her a loan.

  4. khog says:

    Dogbitchunter, whoever you are, your a filthy mouthed piece of trash. Your probably that cowardly jerk named Al Johnson!
    Brannan, your going to be in deep trouble boy! So you have post traumatic stress disorder like your friend Joe Winslow? What a pair! I’m glad Jade called the FBI to investigate you! You’ve broken so many laws now, and you should be in jail right now!

  5. khog says:

    Brannan, i mean Bagger, you should be disbarred and the AG should bring charges against you, Alex Taft, Al Johnson, and the scum that sits on the council for willingly violating the open meeting laws. I challenge you to have a dialogue with those who support Jade, Ed Foster, Mike Roth, and others at the following Facebook pages: End Corruption in Quartzsits, Supporters of Mayor Ed Foster, and Demand Jusice in Quartzsite. I dare you to say the things you are saying here on those pages!!

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