Bagger’s Word of the Day – Icon

Posted: 2 December, 2011 in Uncategorized

Icon – noun – a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it.

According to local blogger Doug Gilford, the Town of Quartzsite is trying to put “local icon” Bill Castor out of business. Castor has been operating on a vendor’s permit for more than a decade even though anyone else is only allowed to operate as a vendor for not more than 210 days a year. The Town has finally put its foot down and decided that Castor can no longer be a vendor in violation of the rules everyone else has to follow.  Castor either has to make the requisite upgrades to become a business or go out of business.

The bagger can’t agree that the fact that Castor has gotten away with breaking the law for as long as anyone can remember is cause to allow him to continue to break the law.  The bagger has to agree, however, the Castor’s Antiques is an icon of the town of Quartzsite.  And that’s the problem.

Castor's Antiques

Would you want this to be an icon of your town?

  1. khog says:

    Leave Bill Castor alone. He’s just trying to make a living, which is hard in this rotten Obama economy. You asked “Would you want this as your town icon”. How does it differ from the rest of Quartzsite? Face it, Quartzsite is a big Flea Market town and RV park. The real reason Bill Castor was denied a permit was that he doesn’t support the actions of Alex Taft, Al Johnson, and the rest of the cabal. Get a clue!

    • Miss the point, much? The problem is that Quartzsite does resemble a junkyard and will continue to look that way as long as the Bill Castors in town are allowed to skirt the law. If I want to vend, I’m limited to doing so for no more than 210 days a year. After that, if I want to stay in business, I have to get a business license which means I have to have a permanent building and have to pay for permits and hire a contractor and go the whole nine yards. But not good old Bill, he’s been allowed to be a year-round vendor with no store front for years. Where is the justice in his getting to skirt the law while I follow it and am limited to doing business for half the year. If anyone is getting picked on it’s the law-abiding vendors in town.

  2. khog says:

    You said that Bill Castor has kept vending for years. Why did Al Johnson wait this long to penalize him if he can’t vend for more than 210 days per year? I know it wasn’t because of his generosity. Al Johnson is an absolute scumbag just like Alex Taft and Jeff Gilbert!

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