Quartzsite Liars Club Holds Weenie Roast – Community Yawns

Posted: 21 November, 2011 in Uncategorized

A handful of people showed up for the Quartzsite Liars Club Weenie Roast.  Head liar Will Ponce told the ever gullible Terri Gilford that the Liars Club is raising money to defend itself from the town in federal court (The Liars Club are plaintiffs, not defendants – I wish you weren’t a liar) and that he and the others can’t wait to get back to work for the community (inside sources say that the seven ex-employees told the federal judge that their suit is about money and they don’t even want their jobs back and that Head liar Will Ponce is and trying (and has been for over a year) to get a job with the California Highway Patrol – I wish you weren’t a liar).  The possible Quartzsite 2 – aka Michelle Norris – appears to be eating for two in the pictures posted on local accused harasser and self-styled newsman Doug Gilford’s blog, so don’t be fooled into believing that the members of the Liars Club are starving.  I guess those implants need feeding, too.

The too-glossy-to-use-as-ass-wipe flyer for the Liars Club Roast made it sound like one of the reinstated cops currently on duty may be the 8 in the so-called Quartzsite 8 (breaking the heart of Norris’ left implant).  I wonder which one …  If I had to guess, it would be the one whose facebook page implied that the people of Quartzsite are trash and he is the trash collector.

All in all, the pictures on Gilford’s blog make it appear as though the dozen or so people (including members of the Liars Club) had a wonderful time.  Hopefully the winner of the 50/50 raffle gave their winnings back to the Liars Club.  You can’t spend the left half of a torn sawbuck.

If you don’t support the Liars Club, let them know.  Put one of these on your bumper.Whizz on the QPOA Sticker (Oval)

  1. desecrateus says:

    I went to the QPOA car wash they held last weekend, mostly for a laugh. Things turned horribly wrong when I spotted Shelly in an impossibly small outfit. That woman is WAY too large to be wearing that little amount of clothing. Honestly, at first glance I thought it was a Beluga whale! Miles and miles of pasty white skin crammed into a tank top and daisy dukes….

  2. desecrateus says:

    Another thing, with as much money as Shelly and her unfortunate sister Karen have spent on plastic surgery, couldn’t they have spared a few bucks for some work on their faces??? They look like a couple of old catcher’s mitts. Once a skank, always a skank. I’ve heard they are part of the Quartzsite swappers club, so it makes me wonder how they determine who gets stuck screwing Shelly. They must draw a short straw or something. I wouldn’t fuck her with someones else’s dick!

  3. neversmores says:

    So you would fuck her with someone else’s dick??? For shame, Bagger. I expected better from a fine Holstein like you.

    • Um, we’re bovisexual, so we have no interest in having sex with any other species including Cetaceans. Besides, someone else’s would have to get hard which ain’t gonna happen and we ain’t spending the day pushing rope.

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