Brother Can You Spare a Couple Hundred Dimes?Real Cops White T-Shirt

Posted: 21 November, 2011 in Uncategorized

You know you want one. Only $19.99.
Real Cops White T-ShirtReal Cops White T-Shirt

  1. khog says:

    I can’t believe you want $20 for an abominable shirt like that! Maybe you can sell those to Gilbert, Taft, Johnson, and the common council. I’m sure that Hygeia, Rain, and Starr Bearcat will buy one also! You are so shameful!

  2. neversmores says:

    That’s a nice looking shirt, and $20 doesn’t seem too bad to me. Are you donating any of the proceeds to the real QPOA? Oh wait, the real QPOA guys have jobs and aren’t in debt up to their eyeballs with lawyer bills.

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