Profiles in Scourge Part I

Posted: 3 November, 2011 in Uncategorized
Convicted Felon Dana Stadler

Convicted Felon Dana Stadler

What kind of people support the former Quartzsite Police employees colloquially referred to as the Quartzsite 8?*  One of the beloved local activists who supports the Quartzsite 8 is Quartzsite’s very own “Doo Rag” Dana Joseph Stadler.  Dana is a convicted felon arriving in Quartzsite from the state of Wisconsin which, as much as the law abiding folks of Quartzsite might wish he would return there, is probably glad to be rid of Dana.  Anyone interested in checking out Dana’s Wisconsin Court history can do so here.

Knowing now what kind of people support the Quartzsite 8*, the question becomes what kind of cops accept support from a convicted felon like Dana Stadler.

This kind.

Quartzsite 6

James Kemp, Herlan Yeomans, Will Ponce, Linda Conley, Steve Frakes, Heriberto Dominguez

Michelle Norris

Michelle Norris ( the remaining Quartzsite 2?) - visual approximation, not actually Michelle Norris

*Although popularly called the Quartzsite 8, of the 10 Quartzsite Police Department employees placed on administrative leave, 3 were reinstated. This leaves 7. Unless you count each of Norris’ implants as a person and discount the rest of her entirely. Technically, Linda Conley is not a cop.


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